Oh my sweet lord my Maxlor heart CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS

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Not necessarily a tutorial but kinda. Gonna do a proper one in good lighting someday


"Life | Style".

This photo shoot was a huge success thanks to all the stylish and creative men involved in it. My vision was to capture men’s fashion and incorporate it into an “everyday life” kind of feel. Many people see the DMV area as a place with no type of style or fashion sense, but that’s not true because if you look well enough you will find some of the best styles around, and these young men did a great job showing it. I hope you enjoy these images as much I do!

Photography by: visuals-by-raat


Benoit Paillé

” After taking LSD. I lighting up a candle in the middle of the wood and during the 30 secondes of exposure, i make a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me. Feeling the crystal vibration irradiating from the center of the Gaia mother earth. So in this picture i try to show you the magic,sacred metaphysical quality of the nature and new age bullshiting you. “ 

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